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VILLEGE COURSE Hole by Hole Description



HOLE 1 Par 4 - 392 m The Unknown

Beginning to the unknown, dog leg to the right where it is not a very good hole to start. Any hook tee shot will be punished by a big lake on the left side where OB is very close to the right of the fairway.

210 meters dog leg to be cleared making the second shot very tough to an elevated green guarded by two big bunkers, left and right side.


HOLE 2 Par 4 - 391m Beautiful View

This beautiful par 4 dog leg to the left, shorter than actual length. After a good tee shot, you will be hitting down hill green heavily guarded by bunker and lake to the back.

Avoid the fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway. For a good opening, the tee shot should be hit right centre of the fairway. Too much right, you will be facing a hanging lie second shot.


HOLE 3 Par 5 - 478m Twin Peak

Uphill drive, have to choose either side of the fairway, divided by twin oil palm tree in the centre. The ideal position will be the right side of the fairway for a good view to the green. Your second shot will be down hill into a bottle neck fairway where the lake waiting for the hooked second shot and OB to the right. Very good par 5, possible birdie hole, if you negotiate the hole properly. Big bunker front right of the green will be a trap for a bad second shot.



HOLE 4 Par 4 - 330m Short and Tight

Good drive will be rewarded with an easy second shot to the elevated green.The key for this hole, is to have precise tee shot, to avoid OB on both side of the fairway and three fairway bunkers waiting for a sprayed drive.

The green is elevated and guarded by big bunker to the front left of the green. The undulating terrain on the green makes putting very tricky. 


HOLE 5 Par 3 - 179m Big Target 

One of the most difficult par 3 on the course, although the green is big and undulating giving player a little jitter. The lake on the left side running from the tee right up to the green side makes every golfer worry.

Huge deep bunker waiting on the left side and another two to the right waiting for any miss cue shot.


HOLE 6 Par 4 - 411m Long Dog Leg

Another good par 4 with dog leg to the right, needs a good tee shot in order to have easy shot to the elevated green. The palm tree left centre of the fairway can be nuisance and a big bunker in front of the green is another big hurdle for all players. Hitting it straight off the tee is the key for this hole. 

With the green sloping from the back to the front makes putting very difficult if you hit it over the flag.


HOLE 7 Par 4 - 367m Cliff Hanger

One of the most beautiful par 4 dog leg to the right where the fairway bunker on the right always causing problem. The tee shot must be placed in a proper position in order to get easy shot to the green. The green is elevated where missing to the left is almost dead where the bunker and the lake waiting to punish all hooking second shot.

It is a tricky hole where your second shot sometimes you will be hitting down hill lie into an elevated green. The only consolation is the hole is not long.


HOLE 8 Par 3 - 152m Double Decker

This short par 3 sometimes can be treacherous. With two tier green sloping from the right to the left, can punish any shot which is on the wrong side of the green. Two big bunkers waiting both front of the green creates a lot of problems.

This is not an easy par 3 if you spray your shot. Any hooked shot to the left, you will be ending up looking to the sky when hitting your next shot. 


HOLE 9 Par 5 - 490m Cross Over

One of my favourite par 5 which you need three good shots in order to get rewarded. Your tee shot must be precise to the centre of the fairway where the lake running along the left side of the fairway and where else OB is waiting for any push tee shot. Not only that, you also have to negotiate two big bunkers guarding a tight fairway, makes your tee shot very demanding. It is a reachable par 5 where dog leg to the right can make this hole short, if your tee shot is in proper position.

The green is heavily guarded by big bunker.?Another one to punish second shot right centre of the fairway.


HOLE 10 Par 5 - 521m Long Street

The longest Par 5 on the course. Lakes running along left side of the fairway and line of trees to the right making tee shot very demanding for this long par 5. Heavily guarded bunker needs accurate second shot for good result.

The green is up on the hill sloping from left to right with big bunker waiting in front and left side.


HOLE 11 Par 4 - 375m The Saddle

Very unique character where your tee shot needs to decide either left or right, with acres of bunker in the middle of the fairway. The green is elevated and looks like a saddle where precise shot is necessary.

The front bunker sometimes creates problem for miss cue shot. This is the most difficult green to putt.


HOLE 12 Par 4 - 344m Tanjong Corner

This shot dog leg par 4 to the left where the lake is running front right of the green makes the second shot very demanding. The drive has to be put in the right position in order to make your second shot easy. A lot of bunkers on the fairway to punish bad tee shots.

Try to avoid the fairway bunker otherwise you will be faced with a difficult second shot.


HOLE 13 Par 3 - 202m Long Odds

This long par 3 needs a very accurate club selection. Big bunker guarding left and right of the green. Very big greens and you have to hit really bad shot to miss it. Stay away from the left side because the OB is very close.

The green is sloping down from the back to the front.


HOLE 14 Par 5 - 501m Eight Widows

Very straight forward par 5 where a lot of bunkers waiting for any sprayed tee shot, eight in numbers in total. Practically it is an easy par 5 where you can pick up stroke when if you play well enough.

The green is sloping from left to right and can be reachable in two for long hitters. 


HOLE 15 Par 4 - 356m Grass Bunker

Your tee shot must be positioned in the right place in order to make your second shot easy.  Two big bunkers on the left side of the fairway, and lakes running along the left side can give players the shivers.

OB to the left always punishes golfer who tries for a shot cut. This dog leg left shot par 4 sometimes can be difficult where the grass bunker is placed to the left side of the elevated green.


HOLE 16 Par 3 - 141m The Shortie

This short par 3 sometimes can make golfers upset. Semi island green surrounded by the lake, fronting back and right side of the green makes club selection very important.

Many tournaments won and lose on this hole depending on the wind. Small green you almost sure birdie if you on, but to get it there is another question. 


HOLE 17 Par 4 - 366m Play It Safe

Line of bunker to the left and lakes to the right and middle of the fairway some 235m from the tee makes your drive difficult and sometimes most player lay up for their tee shot with 3 wood.                  

The green is a slight two tier and guarded by bunkers surrounding it, making it so much difficult for your second shot. Very good finish will be rewarded.


HOLE 18 Par 4 - 384m The Judgement

Long and tricky finishing hole where your drive have to be long and straight. The fairway is heavily guarded by bunkers and undulating landing area sometimes can make your second shot difficult. The green is designed like frying pan and sloping from the back to the front can make putting very tricky. Any miss drive will have to think about the cannel running across the fairway some 50m from the green. Anything right with the tee shot can be punished by the lake. 



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