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PLANTATION COURSE Hole by Hole Description


HOLE 1 Par 5 - 479m Stage Fright

With a pond just in front of the tee, it will give you a stage fright. A very good starting hole for long hitters, with a wide fairway protected with bunker on the left side, will punish a hooked tee shot.The green can be reached in two depending on the wind, but watch out for bunker on the left. Birdie is possible for long hitters with the green sloping from right to left.


HOLE 2 Par 4 - 368m Lake View 

Considered the toughest hole of the course, where a good tee shot is the key for an easy second shot. With a large lake running along side right up to the green, making it difficult to play the tee shot. Slight dog leg to the right and the green is heavily guarded by bunkers and lake.


HOLE 3 Par 4 - 401m Long Lane

A very difficult driving hole with a line of trees fringing the left side of the fairway and OB to the right to catch bad tee shots. A long Par 4 with a small target to the green, making it a difficult for second shot.?The only good thing about this hole is that there is no bunker to worry about.


HOLE 4 Par 3 - 173m Boomerang Green

First of the Par 3s with a green boomerang shaped, requiring a long or medium iron shot for the best result. Bunker front left of the green always catches a bad shot.


HOLE 5 Par 4 - 395m Tough Rough

Another very difficult driving hole where you have to keep the ball dead straight with your tee shot. Anything less will be punished by bunker on the left side and OB to the right. Slight downhill second shot, sometimes makes it difficult to judge the distance and a big bunker is guarding front left side of the green.


HOLE 6 Par 4 - 356m Safety First

A water carry from the tee with bunker on the left side of the fairway sometime can be treacherous. Not a difficult hole for a big hitter, where a lot of space on the right side, if you can carry the lake. Club selection is very important for your second shot where the green guarded by bunker front right.


HOLE 7 Par 5 - 465m Dreamer

A bonus hole where you can easily get a birdie.?Optional tee shot where by you can choose to go either to the left or right of the mango tree at the middle of the fairway. The ideal place to be is on the right side of the fairway where you can see the green easily for your second shot. The green is guarded by two big bunkers, left and right. Slightly elevated green makes approach shot difficult to judge.


HOLE 8 Par 3 - 168m Double Trouble

Bunkers, lakes and a two tier green can cause many problems. The club selection for the tee shot is very important.

The green is two tier green if you are on the wrong side of the green makes putting difficult.


HOLE 9 Par 4 - 380m Precision Play

This hole demands a very accurate tee shot, where the lakes are waiting for all bad shot to the right. A big decision awaits you for your second shot, depending on your precision of your drive. Sometimes you need to lay up for your second shot as the green is next to the lake on the left side.

Undulating green makes putting difficult.


HOLE 10 Par 4 - 369m Uphill Task

Another good driving hole with two big fairway bunkers guarding left and right side of the fairway. Second shot can be decisive as the green is higher from the fairway.
Avoid going into the left green bunker.

HOLE 11 Par 3 - 173m Target Eight 

Downhill Par 3 where the green is shaped like the number eight with three big bunkers guarding the front side of the green.  Sever undulation on the green making putting very tricky.


HOLE 12 Par 4 - 413m Punch Bowl Green

One of the most difficult driving hole with a line of trees to the left and right side of the fairway. The second shot is relatively easy with a medium iron downhill to the green. The green looks like a punch bowl from your approach shot. Avoid from going over because it means disaster.



HOLE 13 Par 4 - 377m Mounts of Hope

Another good driving hole and sometimes many players prefer to use 3 wood from the tee. A lot of trouble on the left side of the fairway where line of tree awaits a hooked shot. A short Par 4 where second shot hitting from medium to short iron towards an elevated green.

Bunker on the left side of the green is not a threat unless you really hit a bad shot.



HOLE 14 Par 5 - 482m Risk and Hope

One of the best par 5 on the golf course, where good tee shot will get a bonus. Depending on distance of your drive, where this second shot will have to carry a lake to the green for easy birdie. Lay up is the wise way to play, if you spray your drive.

Very easy Par 5 if you play with your head.



HOLE 15 Par 3 - 195m Tropical Paradise

Long Par 3 where fairway wood and long iron demands accuracy to the green where bunker front and right side can be accessible to the bad shot.  

The hole is design from the old coconut plantation and sometime can be mistaken as though you are in Hawaii.



HOLE 16 Par 4 - 376m Risky Pyramid

Dog leg to the left and water carry hole with the approach shot up hill all the way to the green. From the championship tee, this hole sometime demands a long and good tee shot to carry the lake. Avoid from going to the fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway, sometimes it is not easy to reach the green from there.

Second shot demands accuracy to the elevated small green.



HOLE 17 Par 5 - 507m Roller Coaster


Longest Par 5 on the course where the tee shot has to be very accurate in order to make second shot easy. Down hill lie makes second shot difficult with a creek running across the fairway.

The green is guarded by bunker on the right side.


HOLE 18 Par 4 - 377m Last Chance

Another dog leg left where you have to keep your drive in the right centre of the fairway. Anything left you will have to roll your sleeve to pick up your ball in the lake. Three fairway bunkers guarding the fairway makes this finishing hole even tougher.

The green is guarded by big bunker to trap all miss cued shots.



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